Long term – A quickie.

Its a Saturday night. My running partner Landi came over this evening and we spent the night watching Disney movies and drinking wine. Its funny how things change when you have a child. Going out seems pointless – just because I am so tired from being mom, runner, housekeeper, wife, co-worker… Its all a little overwhelming at times. So now, I sit at my husbands double screen computer with a glass of red wine, a large glass of water/NUUN and I am studying my running training plan for the next few weeks.10600567_10102092741087256_1265931143728518262_n

Its interesting how training has taken a new role since the birth of my daughter. Its still, if not more, important for me to get my scheduled runs done. Especially in the morning hours – by the time the baby is asleep, bottles are washed, dinner is eaten – the last thing I want to do is go run. I typically want to be in bed at 8pm.


First Podium Finish

10847876_10100733005323298_6182093346809776303_nI think one thing that has been hard for me to wrap my brain around is my comeback. Others may say, wow – great job Kel.. But I don’t see it that way. I want to just snap  back and run my fast paces with my friend Landi, try to chase my mentor and RD Catherine through the park at 5am.. Its not that simple anymore. Now, I am happy with my progress – I ran a double digit run today, at a solid pace – and I finally started to just go on autopilot, like I used to. 1920232_10102121343986816_6022890932330016485_nI also recently stood on the podium for the first time. A pretty amazing feeling, and I know why Landi said its addicting. (She’s been killing it this year – Ms. Triathlete!)

Running long distance is my absolute favorite type of run. There is something to be said about zoning out, checking out of this crazy thing called life and just breathing in the fresh crisp outside air. There are a few things that haven’t changed in my heart – regarding my running career. I still want to compete. I still thirst for that “local elite” status and I will get there. I get flustered with the idea of having another child, selfishly, because it throws my training off. I think, how am I supposed to hit that level – when I’m sidelined for almost a year being pregnant and popping out a child? My last (and only) pregnancy was so stressful, high risk and bed rest aren’t what an athlete want. I yearned so badly to be one of those 9 month pregnant runners – but my body just wouldn’t let me.

10850118_10102132526751466_2009237126438745058_nSo going forward… I still have one goal I want to hit. I want to hit local elite. What is that, you may ask? Its fast. Really fast. I plan to slowly chip away at this post-preggo speed and get back to the paces I was running pre-baby. Even when I hit that, I need to be faster. Train harder. Eat leaner. I think, and I know – its doable. With the support of my “dream team” – my coach Mark, my RD Catherine, my speedy sidekick Landi – I can do it.

I hope to keep you readers posted on my journey… and I hope in the next few years.. To reach my lofty goal.. Local Elite.

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